SCARYBIRD The Guardian of Crops


Damage caused by parasitic birds represents serious problems… in crops, fruit trees, gardens, tarpaulins, vegetable crops…

Our ecological deterrent system of a scarecrow flying against parasitic birds is an imitation of a bird of prey. We just made a simple observation: the main predators of parasitic birds are birds of prey, and the presence of birds of prey keeps the birds away.


How does it work?

Our system consists of a kite that is anchored to the top of a 6 meter telescopic mast.

The heart of our system is something that is at the top of the web and looks like a bird of prey (eagle or hawk) that changes its flight (speed and height). With the slightest breeze (even less than 2km / h) it will take off and fly irregularly. It mimics the flight of birds of prey such as the hawk, hawk or eagle and will frighten parasitic birds and defend your crops, your fruit trees, your garden, your vineyard…

Unlike fixed scarecrow systems, the SCARYBIRD intimidating device flies irregularly, preventing parasitic birds from getting used to its presence because they see it as a predator. The height of 6 meters of the mast is the minimum height for effective intimidation of birds.