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Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

In the online store we consider extremely important the protection of the personal data of those who visit our online store. That is why we have taken the necessary steps to comply with all the rules for the protection of personal data worldwide. Please read this statement carefully before using the services of our website. When you disclose personal data to us or when we collect personal data concerning you, we always use it in accordance with this Policy. If you do not agree, you should leave our site and make no use of our services and content.

What is "Personal Data"?

Personal data is information that identifies you, such as name, email address, home address, mobile phone number, usernames and shopping habits, user-generated content, financial information, and social security information. They may also include unique numeric IDs such as your computer's IP address as well as cookies.

Collection & Processing of Personal Data

How do we collect or receive your data?

The online store does not collect your personal data, unless you have provided it for a specific purpose. For example, when you choose to receive our newsletter, when you create an account, when you contact us, when you make purchases through our online store, when you enter contests and if you have given your consent to edit them.

We can also collect them using cookies which we use to analyse the traffic of our website. No further processing, promotion or exchange of this data takes place.

We need the information needed for your best shopping experience (prompt delivery of products you ordered, secure payment of your order and personalized service based on your needs).


Cookies are stored on your computer when you visit and use our website. It is a set of textual information stored by the browser on your device. The information stored in cookies will then be transmitted to our website. Each cookie is unique to your browser and contains some anonymous information. We use cookies to improve the experience of the use of the website by its visitors. The operation of the website will be significantly affected if you disable or do not accept the use of cookies. You have the right to disable cookies which you can specify through your browser settings. However, disabling them may not allow you to use certain parts of our website.
Types of cookies

1. Functional

These cookies are necessary for the proper operation of our online store. They allow you to navigate the Website and enjoy its functions. These cookies remain on your computer for a long time (persistent 1 day to 1 year)

Examples: PHP application cookie, PHP session cookie, frontend_cid, session_id, frontend, popup_newsletter

2. performance

These cookies are used to measure performance and improve functionality, recording anonymous data for the use of the online store. These cookies remain on your computer during a session (session) but for a long time (persistent)

Examples: Ga, Gat, utm, utma, utmc, zlcmid, atuvs

3. Social media

With social networking cookies you can connect to your social networks (eg Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram) and share content from our site. Advertising cookies (third parties) collect information that contributes to better personalization of ads. These cookies remain on your computer during a session (session) but for a long time (persistent)

Examples: fbcsrf

Third party cookies we use on this site

Google Analytics cookies are performance analysis / logging cookies that allow us to collect anonymous information about how visitors use


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